The limits on reality are no longer a constraint


Convergence is one of those terms that has been talked about for many years.   I don’t believe it has hit us in any meaningful way yet.  But it is about to.

One convergence people used to talk about was how everything would change when you could run video ads on the internet (on a pc).    The world didn’t change so much.

Then convergence was used to refer to the fact that you could get the internet on your TV.  At the moment most people who can, either don’t or don’t know that they can.

I have blogged elsewhere about the opposite trend of Divergence (I have more internet connected devices now than ever before and I am not alone) which allows every piece of advertising to become a point of sale, and which should and must impact on trading models.

Back in the Real World convergence is taking another turn.  For some time now users of Smart phones have been able to add “virtual reality” elements to content.    It can be magical.

It is about to get more magical once “augmented reality” glasses hit the mainstream with products this year from Google and other developers.

This will allow the seamless integration of the physical and digital world.  It gives huge creative and commercial scope to advertising strategies.   Given that we are in the era of people power, it also gives huge scope to virtual graffiti and critics.  Imagine that you were walking down a high street and without reference to your smart phone you could easily see everyone’s comments and ratings about every shop and café, every brand on every poster, and for those inclined, even virtual graffiti with no laws broken.

As it is the internet has changed purchasing habits radically.  Would you book a holiday/buy a book/download a movie without checking out the reviews?  With Real World Convergence people power hits a new level.  The need to have an authentic brand, inside and out, grows stronger daily.

Banksy says “ Speak softly but carry a big can of paint”.  Soon no paint will be necessary.


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