God save the Queen

source : guardian.co.uk

In 1977 a boat  left Charing Cross pier to head down the River Thames.  On the boat the Sex Pistols and invited guests.  Later, as the boat passed the Houses of Parliament, the band played Anarchy in the UK  as loudly as they could.  Shortly afterwards the police boats moved in and started arresting people.

Some call this “Situationism”.  Exploiting the public mood and zeitgeist to capture attention and frankly to sell stuff.    According to Jon Savage writing earlier this month in the Guardian it was a good party.  It was also quite a pr stunt. 

We wouldn’t want anything to disturb the Queen’s celebration this week (or any of the other great summer events) obviously, or anything illegal, but it will be interesting to see if there are any brands or bands out there that can exploit “situationism” in a way that lands them on the zeitgeist map this summer.  And perhaps still gets them talked about 25 years later.

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