Google Zeitgeist – The Uninvited

May 15 marks the start of Google’s annual Zeitgeist event when the great and the good of the world gather at an exclusive hotel just outside Watford to hear brilliant speakers and to network.

I’ve been to the previous two events, and indeed blogged about them here. Sadly I’m not invited this year. I’ve asked why not, and been told I just didn’t make the cut this time. I wish it were possible to know what it is you need to do to get up the rankings. I imagine that there is a kind of technique to it, just as there is a skill to achieving top of the natural search rankings at

There was a flurry of activity amongst those concerned with the dark art of search engine optimisation recently when Google rolled out its new algorithm, Panda, in the UK. Old techniques for climbing the ladder no longer worked as well, and some sites dropped off a cliff in terms of rankings. There were winners too and our head of SEO Omar Kattan thinks that Panda has largely been a good thing. “The brands that have done well are those with genuinely great content” he says. (More from Omar at

Perhaps being knocked off Google’s invitation list will be good for me – look for meatier more controversial content here for instance in future. Or does Google check in on what I search for in order to establish its invitation list? Maybe my search topics aren’t prestigious enough? I’ll give looking for Ferrari dealers a try and see what happens.

Meanwhile there is clearly a gap in the market out there for prestige invitation optimisation (PIO) consultancy for people who want to make sure that they get invited to all the right conferences, weddings, prom nights, 21st birthday parties and barmitzvahs.

Zeitgeist will be a marvellous event. I couldn’t make it this year as it happens as I’ve got a two day away-day with a client but it would have been nice to have been asked.

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