Awards – who judges the judges?


Interesting discussions are going on about whether the Media Week Awards format should be revised.  I haven’t been party to the main conversations which I believe took place earlier this month but have spoken to a couple of people who were.

The overall impression I get is that most people seem to think that the format of the awards (ie big, medium and small categories plus international etc) is good but that there are issues re the process.  I personally think that more categories would be better (I have said this over and over again like a broken record so I am more than happy to move on ).  But such broad categories does mean that it is impossible to judge like for like in my experience.  Also I have a sympathetic view of all the effort that goes into constructing a good award entry and believe there should be more prizes frankly.

Our new CEO Karen Blackett fondly remembers the days when you had to go in and present once you were shortlisted.  Rather than hide behind the gloss of a manufactured video you would find yourself grilled by a daunting (dare I say Dragon’s Den-like) panel of judges who would get the truth out of you one way or another! 

In contrast to this view last week I was discussing another set of awards – the internal awards Global run for their regional offices.  The Golden Globals is a hotly contested annual award and Steve Miron – Group CEO – let me have a look at some of the entries which are all on video.  The quality, creativity and enthusiasm of these entries shone through at a glance.  Freshness and innovation came across really clearly.  I don’t think I have ever seen a Media Week award video entry with quite as much emotion condensed into a few minutes. 

There are arguments on both sides then for either video or live panels for the shortlist stage. 

There is a short cut to judging transparency and feedback about the entries which I suggest on an annual basis at about this time.  Have a webcam in the judging room and stream the discussion live online.

Let the judges be judged by the entrants.

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