Traditional solutions remain paramount (for elevenses anyway).

MediaCom has long been renowned for the quality of the refreshments in meetings.  More than once has an auditor assured me that the biscuits in our client meetings are more chocolatey than our competition.

Outside client meetings you would normally be hard pushed to find a good biscuit however.  Conscious of the fact that like an army a media agency marches on its stomach and that it can be a long time between the complimentary breakfasts and popping to our inhouse café Meet and Eat where proprietor Fab will greet you by name and supply you with your “usual”  – and to stop people wandering into meetings on any excuse in search of a decent snack – we are bringing a new, refreshed biscuit selection to the tea and coffee points on the first floor.

As we’re in the Age of Dialogue we obviously did not want to impose the management’s  biscuit choice on our people. So last week saw the Biscuit selection election. 

A mysterious all staff email from the legendary Biscuit Beagle invited everyone to the election.  It read in part: “It’s my job”…that’s the Biscuit Beagle talking now …  “to decide which biscuits we order – but I’m going to need your help with that. Because the biscuit world has moved on. In the old days my job was easy. I’d just order some digestives and maybe some custard creams and that was it – job done.

Not anymore, though. Because the biscuit landscape has exploded! We’ve entered a new Age of Biscuits when people are no longer satisfied with a couple of Rich Teas.

These days new biscuits are emerging, threatening the old established biscuit order. Some of them with chocolate on, some of them made of oats, some in shiny wrappers, and some of them even called cakes!

Frankly it’s confusing. Also, I’m only a dog.

So, faced with this array of new and emerging biscuits (and let’s not forget traditional biscuits, which still have a role to play on the biscuit schedule), I need your help sorting out my biscuit plan.

Which ones should I order? Like so much these days, it’s all about advocacy – your advocacy of your favourite biscuits. I want you to tell me why your favourite biscuit should be chosen.

Personally when I make my biscuit choices I seek to maximise dunks-per-biscuit – but you may prefer other KPIs.”

I’m sure you’re dying to know which biscuits came top.  Well given our average age at MediaCom is in our 20s (that’s not me personally) the winning selection was surprisingly traditional.  We weren’t tempted by some of the more exotic biscuit choices out there.  We turned our noses up at new fangled biscuits and stuck to the comfort of the familiar.

Want to know what won?  Pop into MediaCom sometime in the next month and have a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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