What could be better than a 90 inch smart HDTV in your living room ?

Two 90 inch smart HDTVs in your living room.

Imagine – instead of having to choose whether to watch Manchester United’s game or Manchester City’s game  on the last day of last season you could have watched both simultaneously on a proper TV.

Or what if a match clashes with some golf or tennis.  Nothing to worry about there either.  Or even (just imagine) the wife wants to watch Downton but you can still watch the golf at the same time (perhaps with the sound down but we all have to compromise in a marriage).

I must admit that I don’t actually know anyone yet with two massive TVs in one room, or indeed two TVs of any size, but according to the latest Deloitte TMT (Technology, Media and Telecoms) Predictions out now this is a coming trend.

Of course they identify that second screening is already important, where you have a second screen of a different kind or size.  In my house we’re constantly and instantly adding to the grocery online order at the suggestion of a persuasive TV advert.  In 2013 Deloitte recognises that “most dual video screening will be based on a combination of traditional TV set and a connected device” (ie laptop, smartphone and tablet).  But they further predict that up to ten per cent of households will be using multiple screens including a second TV set for major sporting events for which a multiple stream is available (ie a second camera view following a favourite player for example).  By 2020 up to ten percent of households will have a second large TV set in their living room. 

This of course creates added opportunities in high disposable income households for interaction with advertising and content.  It also adds to the data analysis challenges that already exist.

Also included in the report to my delight is the headline that “mobile advertising” is dead.  Of course to be immediately replaced by growth in Tablet (Phablet) and Smart Phone advertising.  It is very clear that it does not help to bunch the two things under one label, as the roles of Tablets and Smart Phones are of course very different, both in the home and outside.

More information from Deloitte is available here.

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