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Blame it on the Gorilla – Can we blame the Gorilla for Kraft’s take-over of Cadbury?

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Mixed feelings abound as far as this particular corporate story goes. Warren Buffet’s disapproval must be off putting even to such a successful business leader as Kraft’s CEO Irene Rosenfeld. Buffet’s comments on Kraft’s bid for Cadbury were typically frank. “If I had the chance to vote on this I’d vote no” and commenting that he feels poorer, leave nothing to the imagination. As Kraft’s single biggest investor and with a legendary record for making good investment choices his words have great significance, but so does his decision not to sell his shares in Kraft for the time being.


Amateur or Professional?

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

This blog has just turned amateur.   Most of the pieces you can view at this website were weekly pieces commissioned by Media Week with a strict brief and deadline, and at least 3 highly trained and experienced editors and sub-editors  monitoring them before publication.  From now on it’s just me and  you – your comments and feedback.  Media Week were scrupulous in editing out any personal stuff and anything too MediaCom-centric.  Now its just up to us.